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Total 1 schools are available in Gandai. Parents can also check out the school Life and Infrastructure with the school Rank, Ratings, and Reviews about the school in Gandai. These Schools are located in different locations in Gandai so parents can find the desired school according to their preferred location. Parents can find a school’s academic record, facilities available, sports facilities etc. for their better development. Schools in Gandai are available with personal counselling that a parent takes to get admission. These Private & Government schools are recognised and approved by various State Boards and Central Boards. You can search Schools for [CBSE] Board in Gandai from our wide list and choose the best suitable for you. The details that are listed here are fees structure of the school, admission status, number of seats available in the school, approved by which government body, number of parents viewing this school, etc. We have list of all the prestigious schools both private and government throughout the Gandai. You can also find information about premises, teachers, infrastructure, students, school life & reviews etc. Children from different backgrounds can learn and grow together. We have also listed feedback from the parents for their experience at the school. You can also find approved boards schools for in your location.

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Rise International School
Gandai, Chhattisgarh4.40

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Pre Nursery - Class X

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1661 students viewed this school in last 15 days.
More than 1633 students viewed this school in last 15 days.
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