Udayachal High School

Udayachal High School (Mumbai)

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Academic Statistics for 2021-22

Classes Offered

Pre Nursery - Class XII

School Medium




Student Faculty Ratio


Total Teachers



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Class & Fees Structure of Udayachal High School, Mumbai

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Key School Statistics for 2021-22

Academic Session

April to March

Established Year


School Type


School Area


School Format


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Admission Process of Udayachal High School, Mumbai

admission process
Admission Enquiry For Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Submit the online Enquiry Form from this link or visit the School admissions office at Udayachal High School, Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400079. Our counsellor will get back to you to answer your questions and collect the required information.

Registration Process

Once the form is filled, please take a printout of the same, fill in the details and submit the hard copy of the completed form to the School.

School Visit at Udayachal High School, Mumbai

Parents / Guardians are invited to visit the School campus to understand the culture and ethos of the Institution. A meeting can be scheduled with the Principal, so parents can have an interaction with the Head of the school, ask questions and collect any information they require.

Form Submission

The parent needs to fill up the admission form and ensure all documents are in order. Kindly intimate the school in case your child requires some special assistance due to any health reasons.

Classes & Fees Structure

Once the above steps are satisfactorily completed parents will receive an admission offer and may pay the applicable fees to confirm admission.

Parent Orientation Program

There will be a parent orientation program before the beginning of the new academic session. This program will acquaint the parents with the Vision, Mission & Ethos of the School.

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Document Required

Documents required at the time of submitting the application form

  • Transfer Certificate
  • Residence Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Reports
  • Photograph - Child
  • Photograph - Parents/Guardian
  • Marksheet/Report card (if applicable)
  • Migration Certificate
  • Aadhar Card - Child
  • Aadhar Card - Parents

Additional Notes

  • Udayachal High School will not retain original documents of the applicant except undertakings but he / she is required to produce his/her documents in original at the time of admission.
  • The Original Mandatory Documents produced at the time of admission are to be verified online.
  • The Documents which cannot be verified online are to be submitted in original within one week of the last day of UG Admissions for forensic verification
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Infrastructure of Udayachal High School
Not Available
No Information
  • AC Classes
  • Smart Classes
  • Wifi
  • Well-maintained sanitation facilities
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Auditorium/Media Room
  • Cafeteria/Canteen
  • Library/Reading Room
  • Playground
  • Medical Room
  • Day Care
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Swimming Pool
  • Caretakers
  • Elevators
Security Measures
  • CCTV
  • GPS Tracking
  • Student Tracking
Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Art & Craft
  • Dance
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Excursion
  • Acting
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Gym
Indoor Sports
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Racquetball
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Swimming
  • Carrom
  • Squash
  • Boxing
  • Other Activites
Outdoor Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • High Jump & Long Jump
  • Horse Riding
  • Skating
  • Rugby
  • Archery
  • Dodge Ball
  • Other Activites
  • ICT / Computer
  • Science
  • Robotics
Disabled Friendly
  • Ramps
  • Washrooms
  • Elevators
  • Special Takecare
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About Udayachal High School, Mumbai

Nurturing visionaries for everlasting excellence and universal understanding

The Udayachal team of dedicated teachers, in active collaboration with parents, in a secure, secular, stress-free environment strives to impart holistic, inclusive, education that inspires young minds to:

  • Be confident and speak up fearlessly.
  • Think critically and independently.
  • Develop a vocational skill and a belief in the dignity of labour.
  • Excel in all spheres.
  • Be empathetic and have concern for the less fortunate.
  • Work with uncompromising honesty, thereby cherishing values.
  • Be concerned for the environment.
  • Be socially responsible global citizens.

The school endeavours to uphold Indian culture and tradition, as well as progress in sync with contemporary technological advances.The pivotal role that education plays in society can never be undermined. In the words of Swami Vivekananda – “How can there be/any progress of the country without the spread of education, the dawning of knowledge?”Udayachal has always emphasized the importance of each individual child, allowing the child to achieve maximum potential, no matter what the background. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if there is synergy in the team – curious children ever-willing to learn, concerned parents who support our ventures, diligent staff who go beyond their call of duty and who are safety conscious. Each of them complement the other, bringing goals to fruition.As with education at all levels, our focus is 3-pronged -knowledge, skills and attitudes (head, heart and hands) are each given their due importance. Character building is part of the role we play. Teachers are allowed to innovate different methodologies in the classroom. Always multi-tasking, my team members motivate each other, allowing talent to bloomAn area of concern that will impact our future, and which we consciously bring into the classroom, is our contribution to make our children responsible for doing their bit to save Mother Earth. Each child is a green buddy and knows that we have only one planet and we need to do all we can to protect it.The winds of change are blowing across the country and technological advances are fast entering the classrooms, even in pre-schools. Yet we should not fail to understand the developmental needs of little children and therefore, there must be a greater amount of experiential hands-on learning at a young age.Udayachal offers myriad opportunities to its students to blossom into wholesome individuals, justifying our vision ‘Nurturing individuals towards everlasting excellence and universal understanding.’ It is with pride that we follow the progress of our little ones as they continue to thrive in our secondary school.None of this would have been possible without an ever-supportive Management. Mrs. Smita Godrej Crishna is constantly by our side and the Godrej team comprising Mr. Verma, Ms. Kaur, Mr. Prasanna and Mr. Surve are together a buttress in our times of need. It is not without reason that I feel truly blessed to belong to this fine institution.May each year make us rise to new challenges and allow our students to continually soar and grow strong from within.

Udayachal High School, Udayachal High School, Pirojshanagar, Hariyali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The monthly fee for different classes is different at Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai. You can find the fee details for any class at the Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai page on Admission24.
You can register on Admission24 to find the board Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai is affiliated with .
You can check the fee structure for different classes at Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai on Admission24. The site provides all the necessary information as well as student reviews.
Udayachal High School is located at Mumbai, Mumbai. You can find more details about the school on Admission24.
Yes, there are PTMs regularly held at Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai. Parents can meet with teachers and get informed about their child’s progress and collaborate with teachers during the PTMs. For more details about Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai, you can check on Admission24.
Admission24 provides all the details about Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai on its site. You can check the site to find if the school is private or not.
Schools offer different levels of facilities depending on their location and students. You can check Admission24 to find if Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai provides transportation facilities for students.
The admission process for Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai begins around January. For the important dates, you can register on Admission24.
You can find the last date for admission in Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai at Admission24. The site also gives you regular updates and reminders about the admission process.
Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai teaches many classes. You can find the classes offered and the admission process at Udayachal High School, Mumbai, Mumbai by registering on Admission24.
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