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Admission in Play School & Preschool in 2022-23

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Discover the Best Playschool for your child near you and get access to apply directly only at Admission24.

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Find out the right information about the Preschools like Fees, Courses, Reviews and Exams, only at Admission24.

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Choose from the list of Preschools and fill up the Enquiry form for the particular course you want to apply for.

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Click to apply to get one step closer to your admission to the Preschool.

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After Choosing the Preschool, Make a Payment and our career counsellor will assist you within 24 hours.

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Reviews About Admission24 by Playschools & Parents

A playschool is a place where children from the age of 3 to 5 years usually take admission. It’s a place where they learn and play. This education programme is made to make students ready for schooling. Finding the top preschool in India is never easy. These days, there are a lot of options for preschool/playschool. Which preschool has what facilities has its way here at Admission24. Here, we have partnered with play schools around the nation to let you decide your playschool intelligently. We are delighted to help parents by sharing our information so that the best preschool can be chosen. We have preschools ...

in all 36 States and 9 Union Territories. There are more than 2200 playschools from which you can choose. Parents can also find nearby preschools and can visit the campus to view them. These preschools have classes from Playschool, L.K.G, U.K.G., Nursery to Class I and Class II. These day boarding playschools have all the facilities such as transportation, daycare, sports, extracurricular activities etc. If we talk about the presence in different states then, we have 900+ preschools in the Maharashtra region, 680+ preschools in Uttar Pradesh, more than 500 preschools in the Delhi and Tamil Nadu region, more than 400 preschools in Punjab and Haryana, more than 300 preschools in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan etc listed with us. We provide all the details regarding admission into the best playschool such as documents required, the process of admission, fees etc. You can also check out the number of playschools according to the cities such as 189 playschools in Mumbai, we have 164+ playschools in Pune, more than 89 playschools in Navi Mumbai, 130+ playschools in Lucknow, more than 100 playschools in Noida, 70+ playschools in Agra, more than 540 playschools in New Delhi, more than 225 playschools in Chennai, 200+ playschools in Gurgaon etc. You have the facility to search nearby preschools in various ways such as from the playschool search bar, according to the cities, states, sorting by most viewed, most rated etc. We have listed steps on ‘how to get admission into playschool’ so that you can get a clear understanding of the process. We have expert counsellors who have been counselling students for over a decade and helping parents in making the right decision for choosing the right institute for their child. In a case where you feel confused, may contact us for a better approach towards selecting a playschool. Below are some frequently asked questions to clear your common doubts.

Students can search by choosing top ranked Playschools all over the country and what city should the Playschool be.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
If your kid is 3-6 years of age, preschool can help in their development. Admission24 curates a list of playschools to help you make an informed choice.
Admission24 makes the process easy by allowing you to choose between preschools and applying online. You can also keep track of your admission process through the site.
No, Admission24 makes the whole process of application online. After registration in the preschool of your choice, simply print out the registration form and required documents and submit it to your school physically or via email.
Different classes in preschools have different criteria. Admission24 helps you find them all in one place when you are checking preschools.
You can check the documents a preschool requires on its page on our site Admission24.
Admission24 grades preschools on a variety of factors such as infrastructure, facilities, extracurricular activities, etc, all of which can help you decide the right preschool for your child.
Admission24 has the yearly class fees of every school that you can find on its page.
Play schools are a necessary step in any child’s educational journey. They prepare kids for a schooling environment and lay the groundwork for important social, pre-academic, and general life-skills.
A play school is for kids from the age of 3-6 and puts more emphasis on learning through play and understanding important educational concepts. Primary school is a more structured learning environment, putting focus on subjects and lessons.
You can find the best nursery schools in any area through Admission24. The site allows you to make quick searches for nursery schools depending on your location and preferences.