X and XII board exams cancelled. What next

The Covid-19 surely brought along unseen repercussions that no one would have foreseen. Starting with the economy, and ending up with drastic changes to the education sector, nothing was left behind to be affected due to the Covid-19. March 2020 led the first phase of the virus following the uncertain lockdowns of 2021. There is no harm in saying that most of the students are now accustomed to the virtual learning method. From pen and paper to screen and touchpads, the education system had to explore a completely different aspect of virtual teaching and learning. Out of all the age groups, the most worried were parents of toddlers and students appearing for board examinations for Class X and Class XII. 

Not only were the dates uncertain but the base of conducting the ‘turning point of life’ exam was unsure. In the month of April 2021, the government announced the cancellation of the Class X and Class XII board examinations due to the second wave of Covid-19. Students who utterly waited and prepared for the examination were left with the postponed examination. Students felt disheartened as these examinations are considered to be the milestones of one’s life and students have been preparing for the same for a year.

Even after cancellation, students did not feel relieved, as they would have to study and revise again once the retake of examinations was announced. Well, there is an opportunity here. Students might feel sad and disheartened but could use this opportunity at their discretion. A bane turned into a boon. The mindset of students might not guide them onto the right path in such times, yet a little help and guidance can enlighten students to excel themselves, academically, as well as personally. Here are some tips for students of Class X and Class XII to help them utilize this opportunity of cancellation to develop themselves:

  1. Take a deep breath and calm down. The first step is to understand that there is no reason to panic. Nonetheless, the time reward can be used as a gift by relaxing for a little while. The hard work students have been putting in for an entire year or more deserves a break to have a more forceful comeback at the studies and examination. Students can go on a 1- or 2-day trip or just sit at home and chill to revive their mindset. This break will help students to understand what can be their next step towards the examination. 
  2. Set the right mindset. The postponement of board examinations is going to affect the psychological thinking of students. The yearly preparation will not go in vain and to do so, students need to pin the thought that exams are going to happen. The correct start right after the little break would be to look at revision with positivity. Revising everything can sound boring, but students need to find a way to look at this revision as help in order to score better marks. The right mindset will need concentration and determination, which students can practice via meditation, and concentration camps. This will help students to have a calm mind and have a better concentration on the revision. 
  3. As there is a major emphasis on revision, start with it! Students need to understand that whenever exam dates will be reinstated, they will have to be prepared with their tools. Covid-19 is unpredictable and so are the dates of the board examination, meanwhile, students can continue with their revision. A timetable and organized day can help students to keep up with their day-to-day revision. Start subject-wise and repeat 2-3 times until the examination dates are announced. Everyone desires to score a good percentage, and here is the chance to prepare for the same. 
  4. Look out for future options. The timeline given can be used by students to mark their paths of the future. Students can start searching for options and career choices that they are going to need in the near future. Step by step, starting with finding out the right stream like science, commerce, or arts, after the Class X Board examination and what all career options are open after that stream. For the students of Class XII, they can start looking for the graduate degrees they are willing to pursue, colleges they want to apply to and the procedure to apply. In fact, students can also look up for competitive examinations that they can appear for. The platform for career choices is wide and open, and students may get confused as to what to choose and where to pursue it, using this time to understand and clear the fog. 
  5. Use technology to the fullest. When students heard about the postponement of the board examination, a huge chunk was relieved and all set to relieve themselves of the stress. Students need to understand that getting back to using social media can be done in a productive way. Using the internet to take mock tests or revising study material can provide students with leverage to score extra marks. Not just for academic use but students can also use technology to learn new skills that can be useful in the prospect of a career in the future. Adding up new skills can open channels to new and different career options while sculpting students with confidence and a correct attitude. 
  6. Mind health in the process. Students tend to exhaust themselves while preparing for board examinations. Uneven sleeping patterns, eating food when they remember, or minimal exercise, are a few things that are affected during the process of preparation. Students should start with a routine that should include time for exercise, a good amount of time for study or revision, and some self-time or time for leisure. This routine will help students not lose their minds. An organized routine can bore students, so they can keep adding or subtracting things according to their choice. Keep in mind, a little movement is necessary to keep an active mind and body. 

Students are going to lack motivation at some given point. Indeed, to keep up this motivation students are going to need some tricks and techniques. Some are of them are as follows:

  • Practice and repeat. Students should practice their topics or subjects more often, to keep a track of their syllabus. Repeating this practice will lead to a finding of any weak subjects if any and converting them into stronger points to score. 
  • Being positive should be a trait, that is because it will offer a new and different perspective to look at the current situation. Patience and positivity go hand-in-hand. Students need to be positive and patient and wait until the exam dates are announced. During doing so, they can look for ways to hold themselves up high, like exercising, meditation, talking to loved ones, and spending self-time.
  • Lastly, find weaknesses and eliminate negativity. Students need to support each other and parents need to support them. Schools are going to play an important role here, wherein they can help students during times of pandemic, by introducing activities and reconnecting with their friends. 

Schools like the Lexicon have proved that, together, students and teachers with the slight collaboration of parents can fight any and every obstacle that comes their way. Parents and teachers need to support students during such times mentally as well as physically as much as possible, help them, motivate them, encourage them to opt for new and fun activities, and lastly talk to them. Students need to let out the frustration and stress they have been facing while preparing and appearing for the board exams and talking about their feelings will help students to balance their life and look straight while keeping their hopes for examination.