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Parenting through the pandemic Parenting through the pandemic

Covid-19 brought in the new normal. New protocols were introduced to people, where nothing seemed to be normal. Working from home, and being in one place 24/7 was an added task. While the pandemic hit, Covid-19 demanded a change of game-plan for parenting. Parents had to adapt to the new culture of online education and be helpful to kids at the same time. Establishing a balance between work life and house life, gained sudden importance because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Parents had to look out for their anxiety on top of any stress their child might be facing.

The Pandemic gave out new responsibilities and roles within families, especially to parents. Working parents faced a new set of challenges including extended school closures, the closing of childcare facilities, and increasing need for adequate care with educational support. A remote work environment with work obligations of routine work increased the need for parents to seek support measures and flexibility. It is quite possible that during the pandemic, parents might lose their cool on kids at any given point, and it is quite normal.

Parenting has been a difficult job ever since the start, yet virtual education, work from home, and economical instability can add to the challenges of parenting. The fear of uncertainty, being held up at home with the escalating covid-19 repercussions brought a tough time for families to stay calm and composed. But it is important to be of help to children in order to feel safe, healthy routine, and deal with their emotions and behavior.Lexicon Kids, amongst one of the best pre-schools, added extreme value to the thought of parenting amidst the pandemic by organizing different sessions for parents to understand the importance of parenting during a pandemic. A data set proved that more than the pandemic updates, eventually people searched more for the tips to deal with the pandemic, especially parents. Here are a few tips that can help in parenting through the pandemic: –

  • Answer all the questions – With the covid-19 circumstances, children are bound to have millions of questions. Eventually, they are going to ask difficult questions and be stubborn about going out and playing with their friends. You need to understand that children must understand the sincerity of the situation. Answering their questions, will simplify their doubts and ease their stress. It should be OK to tell kids that people around are falling sick due to covid-19 and why they have to follow the handwashing regime. Try to be honest with your answers. Keep the answers uncomplicated for children to understand them better. Understanding will play an important role during answering the questions of innocent minds.
  • Set up a Routine – It might be difficult for kids to adapt to the ever-changing environment around them. The new normal can be difficult to adapt and work with especially for kids. A daily schedule is a necessity for kids. The delayed start of school can affect bedtime and create a lethargic habit in kids. Setting bedtimes and scheduling each day can help children to lead a disciplined life amidst the Covid-19 situations. Keep slots for exercise, family dinners, and household chores. Also, keep timings for personal time and virtual socializing.
  • Redirect and channel energy – Being stuck at home can bring out bad behaviors in kids. The unutilized energy of kids has to be directed in the right direction. Children might misbehave because they are bored and can’t find anything to do. You can use the opportunity to distract them from bad behavior with different tasks, treasure hunts, and fun games. Monitor kids as to what activity is engaging them and distracting them. Try activities like reading books and arts or crafts which involve additional educational purpose.
  • Add-on Affection – The stressful environment around, can increase the need for extra love. Not only kids but parents can also use a little extra affection. Showcase your love for your kid more often, tell them that you love them. This extra love can provide assurances to kids helping them to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Virtual and actual Playdates – The urge to go out and play can be an often incident during the pandemic for kids. Not being able to meet their friends and play outdoors can create frustration in kids. It is important to give a different alternative to kids to the in-person playdates. Arrange online playdates via skype or zoom with their friends, this can offer a sigh of relief to kids. Keeping in touch with loved ones is also an important aspect of the pandemic, to lessen the long distance. Try to have more video calls with relatives and friends for kids to engage with them.
  • Establish Goals and Celebrate accomplishment – Using rewards and privilege to bring out good behaviors can be used. Setting daily goals like school assignments, household chores, getting along with people in the house can be rewarded, in turn encouraging kids to be more active. In stressful times, a little positive appreciation recognition can cheer kids. Celebrating little things in the times of lockdown can help kids to be more positive.
  •  Bonding Time – Planning fun activities for the family can higher the spirits. The escalating situation outside will bring the desperate need for positivity inside. Activities like cooking together, gardening together, and playing sports together can be excellent bonding activities. Eating together can provide time to have family talks and as to what is going on in your kid’s life.
  • Don’t take the hard road – The restrictive environment increases frustration leading to frustration. Punishing kids by hitting them, or in any form of physical injury can be ineffective with time, instead, it will damage the relationship between you and your child. In case the child has made repetitive mistakes, try a different way of realization. Harshly punishing kids can impact the feeling of security. Physical punishment may force the kid to be more stubborn and rebellious, instead try an understanding way, in which you can explain to the kid what he/she did wrong and why that is. This will provide assurance and kids will behave appropriately. Sometimes doing nothing can also help.
  • Show Gratefulness – Plan evenings or mornings, with the entire family to share any kind of experience of the day. Any kind of accomplishment can be shared and be appreciated or even any simple thing like any moment they felt positive. Acknowledging positivity can develop gratefulness in kids, and avoid negative thinking. Boosting the entire mood of the family can help during the crisis of the pandemic.
  • Stop and breathe – Often running around behind kids leads to neglect of personal attention. Parents need to take a breath and sometimes let things go. Reach out to other parents for help, and ask them what they are doing with their kids and how they are handling the pandemic stress. Practice meditation, it will encourage parents to experience different emotions. Remind kids that you are there for them, and it’s okay to feel stressed and frustrated, but also help them to deal with them.

Adaptation to the circumstances can be difficult for kids as well as parents.  A little validation can bring major positive differences during the pandemic. Sharing and understanding, kids will help you to bond bitterly with kids. The Pandemic has allowed holding onto people and relationships which can start from home. Work on yourself and build your relationship during the pandemic. Encourage kids to be more creative and discover a different side of them, being an ideal parent for your kids.