Glendale Education – Educator’s forum coming up on 09 Dec 2020

Glendale has always been a pioneer and trailblazer in many leading international pedagogical approaches! And the year 2020 saw Glendale’s pioneering efforts acknowledged through Education World’s # 1 Rank as the best Co-Ed Day school in Hyderabad and Telangana!

Our Director-Education, Dr. Anjum Babukhan, has been a strong believer of Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits right from the start and it has been an integral part of her Teacher Training! She has also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Stephen Covey in person a few years ago!

Glendale has incorporated the Leader in Me Program in its curriculum to help students develop their character. Student led leader in me conclaves, incorporating Leader in Me in the annual cultural shows are some of the ways in which the program gained momentum.

It was a proud moment for Glendale and a wonderful feather in our cap to have our Director-Education, Dr. Anjum Babukhan, as the keynote speaker at the Franklin Covey global summit held at Orlando, Florida in July 2019! She addressed a large gathering of educators and it was a pleasure to have the regional head acknowledge Glendale’s role as a Leader in Me school.

Dr. Anjum Babukhan was also nominated as part of the Franklin Covey Educator Advisory Board!
Glendale Education in association with LivLife Education will be presenting an educators forum where the topic discussed would be Synergizing the 7 Habits with Social Emotional Learning.

-Top Educators including Mr. Sean Covey, Ms. Muriel Summers and Dr. Anjum Babukhan would be sharing their thoughts in this forum.

– Mr. Bhavin Shah from Education World along with Dr. Kannan, Founder and CEO of LivLife Education will also be part of this forum.

Sharing is empowering and what better way to share knowledge than an educator’s forum! Free Registration Link: