100marks The future of learning in India

Everything has become digital with the onset of digitization, and the education sector is no exception to that. These days’ students need not rely only on reference books as so much is available online. Online education is transforming the face of education and helping students overcome the flaws and barriers. Admission24 has been a one-stop-destination for various educational needs of students, and now it has gone a step ahead and come up with an impeccable app with 100Marks – The Gaming Learning App for Kids

About the app

100marks is an e-learning app that offers top-notch guidance on a digital platform for students. The aim of designing the app is to offer assistance to students for acing curriculum-based learning. The app is no less than an encyclopedia as it can help students from kindergarten to 5th in staying updated with every subject.

The course material has been designed this way. 

Why learning apps?

The benefit of learning apps is that these help students get access to study material anywhere and everywhere. The apps overcome the barriers of the classroom and offer infinite learning opportunity and access to students. They can learn at their pace and widen their knowledge base based on their convenience without any pressure. 

The application is compatible with both iOS and Android. It offers access to students to quality study material that has been curated after investing 1000 hours of hard work by education experts and faculties from various fields.

Game-based learning

This is not just a regular learning platform wherein students get bored with log text and paragraphs. It offers game-based learning which has been a popular learning technique since ages. The concept behind game-based learning is learning via repetition, failure, and accomplishment of the goals. Video games are based on this principle. The same concept is applied in 100marks, where students work towards a goal of choosing actions and experiencing the consequences. This results in active learning. 

Virtual book reading

Book reading can never be replaced, and we have only changed the medium. Instead of a paper book, students now read a virtual book. The app aspires to involve children in book reading and make it an interesting experience for them. Virtual book reading helps kids in their all-round cognitive skill development. 


Kids enjoy free printables, and hence the app has been updated with printables and admission24 will continue to do so in future as well. There are thousands of pages of free printables activities on the app, and they have listed according to each subject of each grade. There are more than 1000 free printable worksheets for students of all age groups.

Self-learning capabilities

100marks works to enable students with self-learning capabilities. The answers to questions in MCQs can trigger the memory of children for getting the correct answer. 100marks MCQ are short and sharp, which means students can give a more thorough examination of how much they have understood about a subject. 

The 100marks app can be considered as a vast and deep pool of curriculum-based knowledge for kids. Download the app today!